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Software Abrites AVDI BMW FULL

BN010 + BN11 + BN12 + BN13

Catalogue index: BN00F

Software Abrites AVDI BMW LITE

BN010 + BN011 + BN012

Catalogue index: BN00L

Software Abrites AVDI BN010

Car Access System Advanced Coding

Catalogue index: BN010

Software Abrites AVDI BN011

Electronic Gearbox System synchronization

Catalogue index: BN011

Software Abrites AVDI BN012

Advanced Coding Functionality

Catalogue index: BN012

Software Abrites AVDI BN013

Key Preparation by dump of CAS4

Catalogue index: BN013

Update special function BN002 to BN010

BN002 to BN010

Catalogue index: UD21-1

Update special function BN002+BN003 to BN010

BN002+BN003 to BN010

Catalogue index: UD22-1

Update special function BN002+BN003+BN004 to BN010

BN002+BN003+BN004 to BN010

Catalogue index: UD23-1

Update special function BN002+BN003+BN004+BN006 to BN010

BN002+BN003+BN004+BN006 to BN010

Catalogue index: UD24-1

Update special function BN006 to BN010

BN006 to BN010

Catalogue index: UD25-1

Update special function BN006 + BN008 to BN010

BN006 + BN008 to BN010

Catalogue index: UD_BN01

Update special function BN005 to BN012

BN005 to BN012

Catalogue index: UD_BN02

Update special function BN009 to BN013

BN009 to BN013

Catalogue index: UD_BN03