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Cloning Packages
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Extension - Package 1

Copying Texas Crypto 4D to TPX2 transponder

Catalogue index: P1

Extension - Package 3

Copying of Philips Crypto 41, 42, 44, 45

Catalogue index: P3

Extension - Package 4

Generating Functions / Advanced Catalogues / Outcode-Incode codes for Ford-Mazda

Catalogue index: P4

Extension - Package 6

Copying Philips Crypto II ID.46, PIN PSA

Catalogue index: P6

Tokens Package - 25 Tokens ID:46

Copying Philips Crypto II ID.46

Catalogue index: T25

Extension - Package 8

Copying Temic Crypto 8C and Megamos ID:48

Catalogue index: P8

Extension - Package 11

Cloning Texas® Crypto II Toyota ,,G” 80-bit

Catalogue index: P11

Extension - Package 12

Cloning DST80 for KIA/Hyundai, Ford, SsangYong, PIN Code reading for Kia/Hyundai 6E

Catalogue index: P12

Extension Advanced Code Evo - Package 13

Cloning and Generation ID:75 H-CHIP DST-AES 128 bit

Catalogue index: P13

Extension - Package 48

Full Copying Megamos Crypto II ID:48

Catalogue index: P48