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Adapter OBD for Smart Pro (ADC2010)

Catalogue index: ADC2010


Advanced Diagnostics is pleased to announce the release of a new key programming OBD adapter to be used with the Smart Pro, which supports various makes of vehicles where ground wires are not populated correctly at the OBD socket.

This is necessary to perform key or remote programming procedures.

What does the Ground Bridge Adapter do?

ADC2010 simply connects in-line with the Smart Pro master cable (ADC2000). The other end connects to the vehicle’s OBD port for key programming on various vehicles. This adapter is designed to bridge the ground wires at the OBD connector socket, as some manufactur- ers wire these lines independently.

When these lines are NOT populated in the OBD socket, the Smart Pro may display a lower than normal battery voltage (see screenshot) or have communication issues. Connecting ADC2010 adapter will rectify these issues.

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