Universal Silca device for remotes

Device for generating car pilots

Catalogue index: D753938ZB


Universal Silca device for generating car keys
It is fast and effective way to generate car remotes


Universal keys with a remote control function from Silca are high-quality products for generating functions that have an original key. Available in four variants with three buttons: opening, closing and trunk functions matching the most popular brands in the world. The keys are also available with tips manufactured by Silca, which ensures very good quality of workmanship.

The device connects to the smartphone via a cable and uploads the content directly to the remote control PCB in just a few seconds, before generation, you only need to select the model and type of key in the MySilca SRP application.

You can check list of supported cars HERE.


A very attractive and popular appearance of Silca keys
The keys are inspired by the original look recognizable all over the world at a much better price compared to an authorized car dealer.

Durable, high-quality Silca tips

The remote controls are made of high-quality components with a solid opening mechanism.

Compatible with the wide range of Silca "CH" tips.
We suggest using the AVH4000 pin tool also from Silca to easily attach the tip to the remote control. Pins are supplied with the remote control.

A wide range of vehicles

The key base in combination with special CH bits allows you to generate hundreds of vehicle models. Each variant can be with or without a transponder, depending on its applications.

Instant, plug'n'play solution

Silca technology guarantees fast and immediate customer service: your smartphone is always with you, in your pocket. All you need to do is install the free MySilca SRP application and connect the cable.

Quick and easy preparation

The remote control is ready to connect the cable, you only need to select the vehicle parameters in the application and generate the remote control you need.

MySilca SRP app

MySilca SRP is a unique, free application to operate the device. It is compatible with Android on smartphones that supports OTG (USB On-The-Go) * technologies. This option is not available on iOS devices.

Application available in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch.If you already have the application installed on your smartphone, update it to version 1.5. * All smartphones manufactured in 2013-2014 support OTG technologies

CE certificate

The device and remote controls have been designed and manufactured in accordance with the European CE standard.


- A wide range of vehicles

- Popular key designs

- Durable, high-quality Silca tips

- Quick plug'n 'play solution

- Easy-to-use application

- Procedure guide

- CE certificate

Main function

Quick key search by photo, make, model, year and vehicle identification number.

The software shows the appropriate key to prepare and related information such as: transponder, arrowhead, frequency and number of footnotes.

Program with Smart pro or manual procedure

The software allows filtering by models that can be programmed by a manual procedure, supporting customers equipped only with a copy device. The procedures are available in English, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish, and are continuously updated.

The application provides precise information on how to program the remote control, also with the use of Smart Pro.

Main catalog and Beta version

The range of supported vehicles is constantly updated and includes all the most popular models. A full list of applications is available in the app, complete with photos of the original pilots and all technical data.

You can also search in the beta, which has thousands of additional models.

Other functions

With the MySilca SRP App you can also check the latest remotes added to the catalog, the news section includes notifications about software updates, and the "History" function listing all programming procedures.

How it's working

By using Silca to generate pilots, you will see how easy it is to operate after the first time. Step-by-step instruction below:

1. Connect the device to your Smartphone and then using the MySilca SRP application select the make, model and year of the vehicle from the menu.

2. Connect the other end of the cable to the remote control PCB. Before generating, make sure there are no batteries on the board.

3. Press the keyfob generation button. The process only takes a few seconds.

4. If you need to use a key with a transponder, the MySilca SRP application will tell you which transponders should be used.

5. The MySilca SRP application will also show you which CH tip you should use. Cut the "CH" tip on the key making machine.

6. Attach the CH tip to the remote control using a Silca-assisted key punch.

7. Program the transponder and remote control using Smart Pro. The MySilca SRP app will guide you through all the operations.

8. Alternatively, copy the transponder using Silca RW4 Plus, Fast Copy Plus or another device.

9. Program the remote control manually. SRP contains an extensive database of manual procedures.

Product Details

Silca device for generating car pilots.

1. Very good quality tips by Silca, marked "CH" (to be ordered separately)

2. Very good quality remote control components, incl. mechanism / button for opening the tip

3. The remote control contains an LED diode, which is noticeable after pressing a button

4. The remote controls are made of very good quality plastic

5.3 buttons (lock, unlock, trunk opening)

6. Clip for attaching to the key ring

7. Transponder must be glued or fixed with tape (reference: IRFH13, IRFH14, IRFH15 and IRFH16)

8. The transponder is already included on the PCB (references: IRFH13T, IRFH14T, IRFH15T and IRFH16T)

9. Robust battery holder. CR2032 lithium battery (not included)

10. PCB socket for connecting the universal cable for generation.

Universal Remote Control Cable

11. Two sockets, USB and PCB

12. Two cables with USB connectors for different types of smartphones: micro USB and USB C

13. Pins for mounting the tips in the remote control set


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