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1 month UTP include in price

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Smart Pro Light version includes: New device + 1 month of UTP for free

The most modern OBD key programmer working with most manufacturers and vehicle models from around the world.
Smart Pro is an easy-to-use device for programming transponder keys, proximity keys, remote controls and - in some brands - reading PIN codes. It has an intuitive, touchscreen interface and includes the entire Advanced Diagnostics Info Quest database (over 5000 vehicle models). It is a flexible all-in-one solution that allows the user a variety of combinations and options to buy features.

Simple-to-use interface
The Smart Pro has a 10” color touch screen that guides the user step-by-step through simple sequences in all key programming functions and procedures. The graphical interface is intuitive and the software is available in many languages. Easy-to-read icons clearly show whether the device is communicating with the vehicle or not.

All information in one place
Smart Pro includes AD Info Quest, a constantly updated database with detailed information on over 5,000 vehicle models.

Comprehensive functionality
Smart pro programs the transponder, proximity and plug-in remote controls, and reads pin codes in numerous brands. additional updates include ecu identification, eobd reading and error reading and clearing (depending on manufacturer) and archiving of previously programmed vehicles.

External port for increased potential  
Smart Pro has an expansion port and a Smart Antenna slot, thanks to which the user can read, prepare and precode transponders without the help of other devices. The advanced security system means that no dongle or smart cards are needed.

The highest quality hybrid  
Smart Pro is a hybrid "all-in-one" solution offering versatility of choosing various purchase options: from standard tokens, through unlimited tokens (hereinafter referred to as UTP), to the purchase of programs. During use, you can change your plan to adapt it to the current situation in your company.

Compatible with the Silca automotive department  
Smart Pro is designed to be upgradable and fully compatible with all Silca transponders, car keys and remotes, including remote, proximity and plug-in keys as well as transponder keys.

High-quality materials  
Smart Pro is equipped with a hard case with rubber cutouts for all the tools needed to program keys and remote controls. The screen is made of Gorilla Glass®, a durable and durable material.

Easy to power
The machine is powered by the OBD socket, main cables or an internal battery providing up to two hours of operation.

Fast programming  
The powerful quad-core processor and the new hardware and software architecture are designed to save you time. By combining programming and PIN reading in one step, the programming process is much faster.

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